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Publication Criteria


If you are interested in sending us your original, unpublished translation,
please submit it to:


with the subject “SUBMISSION – Your Name” (eg: “SUBMISSION – Sam

Include the following in one Word file (.doc or .docx only):
1. The original text (up to 5 texts or 1000 words, whichever is
reached first).

2. Your translation.

3. A brief (150-200 words) biographical note on the author(s),
written in the third person, beginning with the author’s name.

4. A brief (150-200 words) biographical note on the translator(s),
written in the third person, beginning with the translator’s name.

5. A statement granting us permission to publish both the original
work and the translation online, as well as evidence that you are
in a position to grant such rights.

6. A short introduction contextualizing the original text (250-300
words), accompanied by a translator’s note (250-300 words)
discussing your approach to the translation, highlighting any
particular points of interest or challenges you encountered.

7. You can submit your proposal to multiple venues, but we ask you
that you notify us as soon as possible if your proposal is accepted
elsewhere, by writing to translations@pietrisco.net.

8. Please follow the MHRA style. The Guide can be found here.
Incomplete submissions or submissions failing to comply with the guidelines
will not be considered.