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Publication Criteria

We welcome Full Research Articles (6000-8000 words), commentaries (4000 words) and film practice item (which is inclusive of the film and commentary of maximum 1500 words) on any aspect of cinema or screen-based area, as specified on the Cinema main page. 

Publications are done as items are submitted under the Publication page. All items are reviewed by two members of the editorial Board and/or external reviewers.  The process of reviewing may take up to three months. If the item is accepted for publication but needs some further work on it, it may have to go through a second reviewing process (usually one month maximum).

We will also publicise specific themed calls. Generally this may happen once a year (or biennially) in October with a submission deadline for the following March, and publication by December of the submission year.

Any items for consideration or queries may be directed to the Section Directors, Dr Marco D'Agostini (marco.dagostini@pietrisco.net) or Dr Rossella M. Riccobono (rossella.riccobono@pietrisco.net).