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Call for monographs, December 2020

The recent 'lyric turn' (Burt 2016) within the so-called 'lyricology' (JLT 2017) has raised new questions regarding the identity of the lyric genre itself (Culler 2015), its boundaries (Mazzoni 2005; Hempfer 2014), and specifically its relationships with other textual genres (Hühn 2005; McHale 2009; Kjerkegaard 2014; Wolf 2020) and with trans-historical and social contexts (Ramazani 2009; Alford 2020).

The new Il Pietrisco Monograph Series aims to publish, in electronic form, short monographs (between 40,000-60,000 words) that investigate 20th century Italian poetry through interdisciplinary methodologies. For this call, the Pietrisco Team will be looking for works that explore the poetics of contemporary Italian literature, with a strong focus on close reading and critical theory; these works should explore the cross-disciplinary dialogue around 20th century Italian poetry and its possible influences on other areas of knowledge, as well as to trace the network of mutual influences that 20th century Italian poetry created with other European contemporary poetic traditions. Special attention will be devoted to works that focus on Italian modernist and neo-modernist poetics, a topic that so far has not received enough attention within the debate on Italian modernism. 

The manuscripts to be proposed must be written in Italian or English. They will be read and commented on by at least two expert members of the Monograph Series Editing Board, and/or (if necessary) one external scholar expert in the field of research that the proposed monograph discusses. Manuscripts on any aspect of Italian poetry (written in either English or Italian), which should be edited following the MHRA Style Sheet, can be submitted to


or sent directly to the section directors. Authors wishing to discuss a proposal informally in the first instance, may contact the relevant section directors, Professor Gianni Turchetta (giovanni.turchetta@unimi.it) or dr. Alberto Comparini (alberto.comparini@unitn.it). 

Deadline: July 31 2021
Evaluation: December 2021
Publication: Spring 2022