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Il Pietrisco Journal is a biennial scholarly online publication. We aim to publish innovative and groundbreaking quality research both from established international scholars and early career / postgraduate researchers . 

The ten Founding Directors of Il Pietrisco are all involved in the Journal issues (both regular and special) and may direct in turn different numbers of the publication depending on the specialism that the issue requires.

Whilst Regular Issues will be designed according to the articles that are received (accepted either in English or in Italian) and accepted for publication, Special Issues will be determined by the relevant call for articles, or calls for papers if the issue is connected to a specific event or conference.

Please keep an eye on the Il Pietrisco Blog for calls for articles / papers. calls for articles/papers will also be distributed through the usual mailing lists and platforms relevant to the Arts and the Humanities. 

Also ascertain that you are familiar with the Publication Criteria which can be found by clicking on the relevant button above.