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Forthcoming Projects
Publication Criteria

This section of Il Pietrisco is directed by Marco D'Agostini and Rossella M. Riccobono

 In this section of Il Pietrisco we aim to create an innovative, critical platform for the exploration of traditional and digital cinema with an interdisciplinary and transnational perspective. In particular, we seek to offer a critical space to: 

  • publish research articles, commentaries and film practice research contributions that are centred on the application of audio-visual material in various contexts: aesthetic, therapeutic and educational;
  • publish research articles, commentaries and film practice research contributions that focus on documentary film in connection with specific themes as will be divulgated by relevant thematic calls: eg.  spirituality, emigration, music and others; 
  • organise live projections followed by critical evaluations and roundtables in connection with specific themes (as detailed above or in connection with a thematic call);
  • organise interviews and live meetings with operators from the audio-visual and pedagogical sector (special and experimental pedagogy) to discuss on the possibility of integration of audio-visual medium in these contexts;
  • organise online events such as conferences to create a lively and innovative research dialogue between specialists in the field of cinema, TV and other screen-based media;
  • publish the papers of our conferences as emerging volumes or special issues in our online open-access Journal;
  • explore research and practice of the audio-visual medium in its total form according to the current technological possibilities.