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il Pietrisco PROSE: ‘Disability and Children’s Literature’

Poster_SeminarSeries_DisAbility_15December.jpg15 December 2021, 6pm (GMT)

Facets of the Health Humanities


Elzaemira Festa e Manuela Salvi

in dialogue with

Chiara Battisti and Sidia Fiorato

‘Disability and Children’s Literature’

This eighth lecture of the Facets of the Health Humanities series, hosted by Il Pietrisco Prose, will see Enzaemira Festa and Manuela Salvi introduced by Chiara Battisti and Sidia Fiorato.

Enzaemira Festa and Manuela Salvi are both well-known Italian children’s literature writers. In this webinar, they will talk about their experience of writing and relating to diversity and inclusion, and, in particular, about their fictional representation of disability/illness/mental health. In a pleasant interweaving of theoretical reflections with personal experiences, the two writers will discuss not only of representation, but also of mis-representation of disability, thus allowing the participants to see children’s literature potential to reflect societal attitudes.


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