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FACETS OF THE HEALTH HUMANITIES: ‘Narrative and the novel: from form to function’

20 October 2021, 6pm (GMT)

Facets of the

Health Humanities


Isabel Fernandes

Chair: Chiara Battisti

Poster jpg.pngI will start by a very brief approach to what is narrative, its diversity, complexity and pervasiveness in our lives. I will then concentrate on one form of narrative discourse: the novel. I will address its main features and its difference from the other literary genres, following Mikhail Bakhtin’s theorization. The novel’s specificity in its relation to language/s accounts for its proximity to life and justifies its relevance in health care education and settings, where it may help healthcare students and professionals get attuned to different voices and points of view and develop “an instinct for life” (D. H. Lawrence).


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