I L  P I E T R I S C O

Learned Online Journal of Modern and Contemporary Studies  -  POETRY   PROSE   CINEMA


Il Pietrisco, a project that includes a biennial open-access online Journal and its Resource Centre, aims to propose a systematic study at a comparative and interdisciplinary level of Poetry, Prose and Cinema at a global level. 

Our project aims to undertake quality scholarly research starting from Modernity whilst also expanding the paradigm of our research into Contemporary Studies. We're seeking to establish a network of collaborations that can ensure that our projects and publications offer fresh, ground breaking and cutting edge research. 

We aim to position the tenets of our work and research to a global setting spanning a period which we date from the eighteenth century  until our present day throughout the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries. 

The co-directors of Il Pietrisco aim to support inclusive research projects and welcome all scholars (established and postgraduate) engaged in relevant studies to participate in its Journal, which will publish biennial calls for papers/articles, and an annual call for papers/articles for its Special Thematic Issues, as well in its calls for monographs, creative texts, poetry events and broadcasting, texts in translation, and conferences.         

                                                                                                                                                                  Posted on 24 December 2020